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"It's not too hard to find some love
but it's also not easy to make that love to be forever."
用垢拝礎僉篩蓊葯致萢岱〃寤倪顔倉 疆仭儿∞篩蓊葯致萢Ё菻孫僉 荊荐价僉敏で卅恥々刮鴻哩預揶犹膵行恥拘柱

"Life is beautiful with people like you in it."
嫻垉菻Ё冠卅膏 狒怦輿佞考第勍へ獲泰茣蘿

"The only abnormality is the incapacity to love."
箚藾嫦僉疆佇扠猜嫗叢剛 耐Т它辺臓蝿 篩菽揄僉で卅恥÷殿

"Thoughts of you brighten up my day."
〈嫡顔ぴ感屶へ 罫稻蘿儿⇒З儿..頁菻т頁

"To LOVE is to GIVE."

"When you love someone, say it. Say it loud. Say it right away,
or the moment...just passes you by."
狒怦淀肪莊寤へ鈎僉磴段僉す ├才÷ 才>死殿観ф 蝿 へ鈎僉燿卅辧倉逮よ篷

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."
で卅恥,徑 〈鍛覗垉敗匈⇒Г絞友す稻蛟紫綱講茹

"If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain."
狗勞儿片倉旦紡愆朴買狆嫗帽帶о鑑打衡蜆争稻蛛機陛丗箚 儿ぇ篩萢泰萢第勍犹嶋吮忠爲莵衡

"If you love something...let it go, if it comes back to you it was truly meant to be."
狗劼愕恥<鴻っ僉す ├仕萢黛哩燿呀紫考塋弛 狆智亢蚋べ茵儿疆蘿 耐тЙ俥辧艢紫喉友へ

"It's easy to say 'I LOVE YOU'. But only 'I DO' says you're really one, for always..."
ろ卩菻恥<っ∞訟岩顔 甬菠壽簿劼儉’菻膏藕ぷ傭僉荊菽僉痴ф 辧朴買

"Love can make you happy but often times it hurts,
but love is only special when you give it to who its worth."
で卅恥|僥蔽辰譴拝訴悛 甬荳萢造恥薈∞蔽蚋Г拝操膾伺

"Love has no control and neither does one's mind when they are in love."
で卅恥>争奏`燹咳貂僥ぱ 筴項智从僥ぱ困昂寤〉菟Я佞拝礎僉箚

"True love lasts forever."

"Absence does for love what the wind does for a flame: it extinguishes the weak,
and feeds the strong."
で卅恥>争奏却乃 猜宋郵}催膳寤罫稻蛟仕売慎坿肪徑観坂顔 恥 臺卅卉況噬哩す来郵疝肪徑燿藾瓣腱箚蛟莵}

"Some people think that it's holding on that makes one strong,
Sometimes it's letting go."
災Г垢坿蝿 〈嫡顔っ雄っ友禮編茹荊菽僉 亰噬哩遅虔屐叢莵ぇ禮恥 甬荳勍荊〈茶哩耀蔽 窯┬仭佞菻倉 蝿匚刮

" fine sand. Grasp it and it will quickly slip through your fingers.
Cup it gently and it will fill the voids of your soul - -
as sand seeks to fill the spaces in your hands."
で卅恥 艢冒徑項燥慣智 狒怦翼慣寤稚困秤卅儿簀 狒膣恵丗膏藕倪謀様〃勍宙友行蘿
甬葯宋萢よ預 暫个友叢剛秤 叢后腮侏泰蓊港徑⇒Г愕 疆亢蚋へ涯購狭輿で卅恥 叢后舁泰蓊昂悄萢蝿勍禮朴買 爲莵犂嫗如兀狒膣恵丗荊萢泰蓊后啻徑

"In real love you want the other's person good.
In romantic love you want the other person."
へ概虱А卉で卅鑑⇒葉―菻楕嗚恥困拝礎僉荊葹潔痴 甬茲愕級友〈逐蒋則却尿友燿吼垢拝礎僉荊菘懈阻擢

"Where the relation is one of love, words are of no use."
び訟眼贋 ∞篩荐噫紫鴻昂寤荊茲拝訴兪粧晃赭《寒辧で卅恥

"Love conquers everything."

"As I gaze upon your beauty, I think to myself,
never have I seen an angel fly so low."
禮覚荊荅儿虱Я友へ 儿ぴ粥兀却楳友猜鼠蝿 罫篩航Э蚋欽т顔犀硬Я吼‥藏屶狆嫗Ч實

"Love can be sunshine and love can be blind ..
but only you could really know .. define your love."
で卅恥÷紫昂刮п払頁菻п登で卅宋 甬菠壽о鑑打荊茲愕遅...ぷ郵埖卅で卅恥、友却楳友

"When love meets happiness begins."
狒怦佑拝礎僉倉挫竪 で卅便◆艢痴菫級

"Don't go find LOVE, Let LOVE finds you."
├預菻笄蝿で蚋牧恥 ├稻蘆僉客阻劼愕

"Love is just a four letter word with so many meanings behind it."
び蝿卉僉犹膵用”逐蒋則 4 却 荊葯稚則忠預帷港 顔蚤で卅冒丗荊菫辧倉黛垢唸刮

"Love has its ways."

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens;
but often we look so long at the closed door
that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."
狒怦融弛休疔茹で卅恥〆匚禊災綱講茹箚藥坿擢 葉〆匚∞犹坿帷港 甬葯智叢煤笈層茹で卅聞礙篁荊荳匚荊荵坿擢膏藕倉;項《后蝿勗倪顔猖膵暫亠揀冒莊寤犹坿帷

"If you never get your heart broken, you'll never learn to love."
狗卷辧へ割争爐騨)僉 へ魁臑僥篩菽揄僉で卅恥

"Love is like an hourglass with the heart filling up as the brain empties."
で卅恥÷暫嫗材柄徑更厂圈匏智 荊葯虐操窮槍惨蘿造拝礎僉 疆仭宦よ恥÷決匚刮

"Love sees not with the eyes but with the Mind."
で卅恥>争片倉旦猖膵箚藉蘿卒蘿袖 甬菠兪煮補顔顔蚤礙

"Where's ever you go, go with all your heart."
篩菁菻へ絵倪桟寤篷 ├篁消虱巣┠刮冒刈友へ
when you're in love with someone

When you're in is like a romance novel that you never want to end.
狒怦佑愕預揶禮哩認疔茹恥 ..嫻垉∞猖宋郵観茹行岱揃寤へ獲菻剛争┷

When you love'll do anything to reach the heart of the one you love.

When you feel true follow the way of the heart.

When love is in your is so good it's like a dream.

When you're in love it has a strange affect on everything you do.
狒怦佑愕預揶禮哩認疔茹で卅恥 恥々刮拘捩冒徑宏仭嬪垠股湘}嵯悄編茹荊茲愕罫預菻Щ弛謀甸

When you love someone...everything around you can feel the warmth of your love.
狒怦佑愕恥<っ...詣(壽値堺 却任愕陥猖宋郵佇兪煮補顔欽Г拝鼠才懈香毎恥々刮

When you're in love your only aim is for the heart of the one you love.
狒怦佑愕預揶禮哩認疔茹恥...編茹犂嫗之寤へ鎧智狭劼徑 朴買恥ゝ雄畄

When love is in your heart inspires you to be the best you can be.

When you love someone...the seeds you plant grow into love.
狒怦佑愕恥<っ...狒島款儿誇豬寤へ鎧度 腱諭б操紫垢拝礎僉

When you're in love you have love to share with everything around you.
狒怦佑愕奏恥...へ魁舁岱=肴Щ儿恥々刮后兀詣(壽値堺 却

When love is in your heart you're happy doing the simple chores of life.
狒怦佑愕奏恥<綱冉礙...畫蛟致萢Ц鍛全匯弛喃儿 ∞陥亰噬哩へ柿佞拝訴悛箚

When you love someone no matter how you add it up,the answer remains the same.
狒怦佑愕恥<っ変,...篩菁菻へ絵个坿篁繋с び詰此膣扁侏諭倉猖宋郵犂堊猜鼠

When you're in love the treasure you seek is true and endless love.
狒怦佑愕機預揶禮哩認疔茹恥...柄済虐悼咾菻編茹犂嫗之寤へ梶頁牧 ∞ぷ傭僉畄虱儿犹膵行恥拘柱

When you're bound with love you're a happy prisoner...

When you love someone just can't keep it to yourself.

When you're in love you feel like your heart can life you to a higher place and put you on top of the world...
狒怦佑愕預揶禮哩認疔茹恥 ... へ絵价揄返|卩}最菻 朴買┥匍冉へ嚇萢斗楕揶で卅便∇帽徑す継薈眦

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